Unreal Webinar on VR

Scene inspired by blade runner

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Have you seen Blade Runner 2049 ? If you haven’t, go !
Being a long term fan, I was blown away by it.

For the next webinar on Nov 30th , which is actually on VR I needed a large simple space to demo how to setup a VR scene in Unreal. So after chatting to Chris, I couldn’t help it and I just created this scene inspired by Wallace’s lair in the movie.

We’re going to talk about Hardware, ie the PC you need. I’ll do a review of what’s out there.

Then we’ll use this scene in VR in the editor and see how to use the VR controls UI.

I’ll show you a few tips and trick to publish your scene in VR, And we’ll make some cool configuration tools. And if there’s time, I’ll show you more about the lighting in this scene too!

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