Unreal Archviz Webinar #2

Join us again for the Second installment of the free Unreal Archviz webinar Series live on June 20th!

This time we’re going to dig a little deeper into the workflow. Looking at importing our scenes from CAD programs like Revit and Sketchup and 3dsmax and how to setup our scenes in Unreal.

We’re also comparing Vray and Unreal workflow as there is a bit of “unlearning” to do there before we go onto lightmaps resolutions and lightmass settings.

I’ll go over how to use PS_Tools to create instances, and a super simple blueprint for the lights. I’ve got plenty of tips and tricks in store for you so make sure you register, even if you miss it, you can get the replay

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Unreal Engine for Architecture FREE Epic Webinar, 27th April 2017

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Thanks to ArteFactoryLab, Paris for the Lobby scene
Music: bensound.com

Join me in the first of four webinars, that focus on using Unreal Engine for architecture. If you are new to Unreal Engine this webinar is the perfect introduction!

Using models of Philip Johnson’s Glass House and Tadao Ando’s Church of Light, talk about how Unreal Engine brings the emotion, mood and atmosphere of offline-quality rendering to the real-time, immersive and interactive experience of virtual and augmented reality.

Follow-up webinars in the series will get more technical and focus on how-to topics such as: data import, lighting, and materials. Join me to learn more!

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How to use the New Sequencer in Unreal Engine 4.12

I’m really impressed with the *NEW* sequencer in the UE 4.12 update. they’ve not only completely redesigned Matinee (which is still available). But they’ve also added new viewport functionality and a brand new camera: the CineCam and I loooove it. It has built in Depth of field and is basically designed to work exactly like a real camera. I’m sure you’re going to love it.
The sequencer itself reminds me of how After effects work which is not a bad thing to take as reference in terms of animation software interface! And some of you may notice I’ve configured my UI to look a bit like 3dsMAx. The more I use Unreal engine, the more I’m impressed with it…

So watch the video if you haven’t played with the new sequencer yet and please like it and share it! Thanks!

all the best

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